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Creating Sea Glass Jewelry

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I have found creating sea glass jewelry to be a very relaxing hobby in a lot of ways.  Not only is there the search for the glass, which means spending a few afternoons on the beach, then there is the cleaning and sorting of the glass before the jewelry can be made.

I love to look online at jewelry designs made by others, it’s a great way to get inspiration. I also get inspiration from looking at and choosing beads and embellishments. There is nothing better than finding the perfect bead to enhance a lovely piece of glass. I also find using charms to be an effective way to help sell sea glass. Everyone loves a cat or a dog or knows someone else who does and sea glass jewelry with animal charms is a great seller.

Best of all, you can’t go wrong when creating jewelry. Give five different people the same piece of glass and you’ll get five different designs.  I have purchased sea glass jewelry from Sea Glass Visions. The artist there has an amazing eye when it comes to creating lovely pieces.

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