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3 Six Pack Abs Diet Tips That Will Rock Your Socks!

The Six Pack Abs  Diet : And You Thought It Was About Sit Ups and Crunches….

Alright so the very fact you’re reading this article tells me you’re beginning to see through the hype and garbage spouted out by the fitness industry when it comes to getting six pack abs.

You know what I’m talking about, silly machines with already skinny people on them moving in “revolutionary” new angles to make getting a six pack easier than ever, supposedly.

Well that’s all well and good for those companies that want to sell you a new machine every month, but any fitness guru that’s worth their bench press weight in gold will tell you that….

You don’t need a new exercise machine, you need a realistic, effective Six Pack Abs  Diet !

You see while your abs are in fact muscles, and building them does help with getting your six pack abs, all of your hard work will be in vain if your belly fat is covering your strong abs. Makes sense right? You’ve probably seen some not very muscular people (though skinny) with six pack abs. Believe, they didn’t work out for them, they probably didn’t even consciously try but they were likely following eating habits that resembled what nutritionists in the health and fitness field now regard as a six pack abs  diet .

So what exactly does such a  diet  involve?

1. Drink Only Water

This will have a huge impact on your weight loss around your belly, and if you are going to take one thing from my six pack abs  diet  plan, take this. Seriously, there is a reason I mentioned it first. Soda, milk, and even fruit juices contain a heap of sugar and calories that will keep you plump around your waist despite your best efforts. Don’t make things hard for yourself, avoid them.

2. Go Easy On Those Portion Sizes

I know I know, you turn up at a restaurant or burger joint STARVING. So when the waiter or whoever asks you what size meal you’d like, you go for large, or even super size! Don’t feel bad, it always seems like better value but you have to change your mindset. Here’s why. Even though it seems like better value, every time you order a large meal instead of a medium you are making your life harder. More calories = more time, money and effort that needs to be spent to lose that fat. Don’t ruin your Six pack abs  diet  by falling prey to those greedy marketers that want to keep you fat.

3. Eat a Big Breakfast, a Decent Lunch, and a Light Dinner

We have some funny habits in the west don’t we? Why do we usually skip breakfast, denying ourselves food after 6-8 hours of starvation during sleep, then eat our largest meal at the end of the day when we are winding down? Seem unwise to you? Well it is. It has been statistically shown that people that have breakfast are much less likely to eat junk food during the day, and are therefore skinnier and healthier than they breakfast skipping counterparts. Some also theorize that it helps your metabolism speed up, but in my experience it just satisfies my appetite so that come lunch time, I can eat something reasonable instead of stuffing my face.

Source by Jake O’Brien

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