Green Tea Diet

Green Tea Diet Facts

A growing number of people seem to be demonstrating their likes of green tea extract. Many are now adding the idea to their diet program.
The Way many People View Green Tea
This is a magic substance which can greatly enhance youthful vigor, natural beauty, along with a healthy and strong physique. It’s also regarded as the protector for the body of a human from numerous illnesses. In the physical fitness community, it is a solution in shedding pounds. I have listed a few of the advantages of doing a green tea diet.Working out a natural diet
By incorporating at least 3 cups of green tea in your meal daily, you are enhancing a more balanced diet. Together with exercise, green tea has turned out to be more effective than ever. There is no such thing as how many servings every meal can green tea be incorporated. No exact doses. Just one cup every breakfast, lunch, dinner and even during midnight snacks is sufficient enough to be part of your daily diet.Green tea diet

Green tea keeps all of its valuable ingredients just like antioxidants since it is brewed and not just fermented, Make sure you take green tea while it’s still hot because live antioxidants are very prominent and its valuable nutritional affects are also preserved. It’s better to purchase and brew loose green tea leaves than the bottled or powdered ones because they are not as effective as brewing.

Black tea versus green tea
Black tea is not similar to green tea at all. While green tea is typically brewed, black tea is fermented. The fermentation process of black tea tends to eliminate the important vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to health. Therefore, it is concluded that green tea is proven to be more effective than black tea.

Green tea diet benefits

• Reduce the risk for hypertension and high blood pressure

• Destroy free radicals

• Maintain healthy fluid and electrolyte balance that can help relieve fatigue and stress

• Lower increased amount of cholesterol level

• Toxin prevention in the liver

• Antiviral and antibacterial properties

• Reduce incidences of cancer in parts of the body like colon, pancreas, esophagus, rectum, bladder and stomach by up to sixty percent

• Increased metabolism

• Strengthen immune system

• Stops thrombosis formation which is the cause for heart attacks

Caffeine content

Thoughts about the caffeine content in green tea have bothered and quite alarmed avid drinkers of the beverage. Although, there are ways to lessen the caffeine content in your green tea by adjusting yourself in the effects and observing the tolerance of your body.

Warning on green tea caffeine

• If you have a medical condition or you’re pregnant, be sure to consult your physician first before consuming the beverage.

• Drink modestly. Caffeine intake isn’t the only factor that does side effects whenever increased. Much higher concentration of polyphenols can harm the kidney and liver. Never consume eight to even ten servings of green tea in a single day. That may be pretty risky particularly if you have a low tolerance level. Better suitable consumption are at least 3-4 servings on a daily basis.

• Don’t be fooled by energy drinks made from green tea. Aside from diminished or very less antioxidants, energy drinks have high sugar content. Beverages such as these have passed through lots of procedures which can reduce essential nutrients upon reaching your own body.

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