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Body Contouring Options to Help You Reach Your Own Personal Goals

Would you like a substitute for liposuction procedures? Have you been postponing liposuction procedures as you’re concerned about side effects as well as additional complications? If so, you should contact Dr. David Halpern Surgeon in Tampa to learn more about the Strawberry Laser procedure. With this treatment, approximately 60 very small lasers are employed to go through your epidermis to help melt unwanted fat tissue away. Unwanted fat will be reabsorbed by your body and therefore eliminated along with waste material. This process ordinarily will take 8 to 10 treatment sessions, of around 20 minutes each time. This treatment is actually non-invasive and has now been approved by the FDA. Quite a few clients discover they really experience a detectable difference after the very first treatment session plus just about all observe benefits by your fourth session. Results can vary by individual, but the majority find 1-3 inches of unwanted fat fall off with each and every treatment. Nearly all find they’ll gain from this sort of therapy, yet it’s best to sit down with Dr. Halpern Plastic Surgeon to go over your objectives, your medical history, as well as any questions you have. He will work alongside you to identify the physique contouring solution that best suits you. The goal would be to combat weight loss results, the aging process and also gravitational forces and Dr. Halpern delivers a variety of techniques to accomplish this objective.

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