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The Complex Road to Addiction Recovery

Substance abuse is very difficult to treat because it is actually caused by multiple problems and years of problems that begin at a young age. Often sufferers try many solutions before succeeding, because a long-term solution has to address their unique needs. Recovery is never easy, but many people succeed when they finish all of the steps in a program.

Treatment Begins With Detoxification

Before treatments can work, patients’ have to detox, or let their bodies’ rid themselves of drugs or alcohol. This step is often painful and treatment centers typically use a variety of medicines to help sufferers through it. However, detoxing does not solve the problem and patients need to follow up with treatments.

Medicine Eases Treatments

Drug and alcohol alter brain chemistry, so patients are often given medications to help them regain normal brain function. Treatment centers can offer medications that help patients reduce cravings for morphine, heroin, tobacco, cocaine, alcohol and more. Patients who have abused a variety of substances require medication for each one.

Behavior Modification Is the Next Step

Patients who have gone through withdrawal and are on medication will relapse unless they learn how to change their behavior. Professionals help them through this process. Many patients get excellent results at Christian treatment centers, such as the options discussed at These facilities are especially effective at treating underlying issues. They address the spiritual emptiness that leads many people to addiction and also include medical staffs and trained counselors.

Outpatient Follow-Up Is Critical

After patients leave a treatment facility, they need to continue therapy in order to stay sober and make progress. Many attend family or group sessions and meet friends and counselors who help them. They may also be offered motivational sessions that reward good behavior and inspire them to reach their goals.

Residential Treatments Are Effective

Patients with extreme addictions often do better when they live in specially-designed residences for 6 – 12 months after treatments. The options lets them improve their coping and life skills and gradually mainstream back into their lives.

Despite the fact that substance abuse is difficult to street, a lot of patients do very well when they find programs that meet their needs. Christian treatment centers can be especially effective, since they address underlying problems, offer a supportive community, and provide excellent medical and behavioral treatments.

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