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Common Types of Knee Supports

Regularly participating in physical sports can help to maintain an active and healthy body as it improves the body’s flexibility and strength, which also helps in our overall circulation. When playing a sport, however, individuals must understand the risks involved especially in strenuous sports, and take steps to minimize these dangers which happens more often when there is no sufficient training. And even for trained athletes, there are still risks once a game gets rough, that is why it is also important to wear protective gears to minimize the impact of collision during contact sports, which can cause injuries especially to the bones involved. These gears also come in sturdier types that are used to manage joint pain and swelling from injuries that may or may not be sports-related, such as in the case of joint problems from degenerative causes.

Supportive garments for the knees are elastic fabrics that are used temporarily for certain periods to limit injury and reduce knee discomfort from swelling and pain, which can be a helpful temporary intervention when professional help is not available. If using this type of support to control injury, professionals must be consulted first to determine the proper type, and to have the medical case addressed properly, as the gear can only offer temporary aid.

For new consumers that need more information about this gear, here are some of the common support types that are available in the market today:

Knee Stabilizer- this is an adjustable support which is commonly recommended for athletes with a previous injury on a ligament because of the moderate support that it provides which is just enough to not constrict the affected part while supporting it.

2. Hinged Support – often recommended for athletes that have a repaired ligament as it adds protection and stability to the ligaments, but has a metal material which may not be suitable for other types of sports.

Closed Knee Cap Support- commonly used when jogging or walking briskly during exercises, and can aid in minimizing knee pain and swelling, but cannot be continuously worn as it can be too constricting especially when bending the knees.

4. Open Patellar Support – provides support with an open structure, which prevents too much constriction, that makes it possible to be worn every day without any risks.

Knee Cap Tendon Supporter- supports the knee cap tendon for individuals that experience knee pain when jumping or running.

Prior to using supportive gears for the knees, consumers must also consider the type of sports or injury that they want to use it for, as there are specific types that are intended for each case, and putting on a wrong one can further worsen the case instead of alleviating it. The gear’s intended amount of use must also be kept in mind to keep your knees from further injuries caused by excessive and prolonged constriction, which is risky when having to keep moving while wearing it.

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