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How to Stop Cellulite from Getting Worse

If you have cellulite, than you are in good company. According to statistics, this non-threatening cosmetic condition will affect over 90% of women at some point in their lives. Slender women are not immune either. Victoria Secret models struggle with it too. You may be wondering then how to stop cellulite from getting worse.

Myths about Cellulite

A common myth about cellulite is that toxins in the body cause it. Ask any dermatologist and he or she will tell you that cellulite is the result of fat cells pushing up against the connective fibrous tissue. This, in turns creates a cottage cheese or dimple appearance on the surface of the skin.

Another common myth is that only overweight people have cellulite. Regardless of your size, or weight cellulite is the result of stress from fat underneath the skin that is bulging through weak areas in the connective tissue.


Women are more prone to cellulite than men are. This has everything to do with the fact that women carry more fat in the common areas where cellulite happens such as the thighs, and hips. These areas also have less supportive connective tissue, which allows the effects of cellulite to be visible.


Genes play a role in whether a woman will get cellulite. You have a greater chance of having these dimples if your mother and her mother had them. But don’t dismay, genes only play a small role. Healthy body weight via exercise and diet play a greater supportive role if you are wondering how to stop cellulite from getting worse.

Running Vs Strength Training

Doing fat burning exercise such as running will help to reduce the fat build up and therefore reduces the appearance of cellulite. Strength training effectively replaces that fat with muscle and tones the area. Each are effective getting rid of the fat and strengthening the connective tissue so include both in your fight against cellulite.

To avoid making cellulite matters worse, you should focus on doing exercises that target fat and builds muscle. In addition, without changing your diet to include low-fat and higher fiber foods, such as fruits and vegetables you are making matters worse. Keep in mind that it can take months to see the fruits of your labor therefore, stay the course, and never give up. Your hard work and firm effort will pay off over time.

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