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Alcoholic No More: Tips to Saying No

Fighting alcoholism is never easy, and learning how to quit takes conviction. To stop drinking alcohol is something that all alcoholics aim to do. Although the want is there, the strength to actually stop is lacking. It might seem hard but a lot of people were able to beat the pull of alcohol addiction. The effects of alcoholism can be devastating not only to a person’s health but also to his family and work life.

Quitting drinking alcohol takes several steps. Although alcoholism is never easy to fight against, following these steps will allow one to have the resolve to stop drinking alcohol. This guide is realistic and quite reasonable making it an effective tool for an alcoholic to be able to quit the bottle. Taking the steps to being sober will always be a challenge and getting to your goals will require strength of one’s conviction. But in time, the goal will be reached and the person will have changed his life for the better.

Here are some tips to being sober:

Faith in yourself. Believing that you can do it is the first step to quitting. True, admitting to yourself that you have an addiction is important, but the belief in one’s self that you can stop is just as important. Telling yourself that you have what it takes to ignore the urge to drink and follow through with the steps is important. Keep telling yourself that you can stop, that you can change and keep doing this every day. By believing in yourself, you are able to find that you have the power to make your life better.

Know the reason why you drink alcohol. Know what kind of drinker you are like if you are a social drinker. Are you a heavy drinker but does it in secret? Or probably you are an alcoholic who prefers t hang out with friends or workmates and drinks night after night with them. Knowing your kind of drinking moments will allow you to get out of such instances that includes alcohol.

Write down why drinking is not good. Give a thought about your health. Remember how drinking has affected your relationship with others. Always read your list every day and remind yourself that you are doing all what it takes to stop drinking.

Remind yourself all the good that has happened since you quit and do this every day. Remember how much it took to get you where you are.

It is also a must to remember the bad things. Think about the time when all you do was drink alcohol and how it destroys a good life. Remember all the time how much alcohol made you feel awful. Be with people who can support you in your road to recovery and not ones who will weaken your convictions.

Try out doing other things. Have a different activity that will get you to do something other than drinking. It is much better to exercise or spend time with your family rather than going out for drinks. Get to know what you like more than drinking.

Getting over alcohol addiction is hard. But if you follow through this guise, you’ll get over your addiction.

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