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How to Find Cosmetic Surgery in Miami In the modern world, the use of the terms plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery has become widespread. However, most people do not know the distinction between these terms. To shed light on this, plastic surgery is a surgical procedure that is aimed at reconstruction of body defects. It is a reconstructive procedure that is purely meant to repair skin that is damaged. On the other hand, cosmetic surgery is a procedure that is carried out on a normal part of the body devoid of any damage. It is done to improve physical appearance hence it is optional. Cosmetic surgery in particular has become very popular in the United States of America. Reports have it that in Miami, Florida for instance 33% more cosmetic surgery procedures were conducted in the year 2015 compared to those in 2014. The reports also say that majority of those seeking cosmetic surgery in Miami are women. More women seek plastic surgery services because they are naturally conscious about how they look. To put this into context we need to analyze the different types of cosmetic surgery and parts of the body they affect. The first type of cosmetic surgery is abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. It is a procedure carried out to make the tummy firm and give it a good shape.
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Many women in Miami use abdominoplasty especially when trying to deal with baby fat occasioned by child birth. Mammoplasty is another form of cosmetic surgery undertaken in Miami. It is a procedure that is done on breasts. Those who undertake mammoplasty seek to improve the appearance of their breasts through enlargement, reduction or firming.
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There are times that plastic surgery in Miami has been undertaken for aesthetic value. This practice has however been discouraged by plastic surgeons in Miami. Reports have it that among the cases of plastic surgery in Miami, 88% of them are done to repair damaged skin. This means that only a small part of the population opt for plastic surgery for aesthetic value. Researchers posit that most of the time the need for cosmetic surgery is psychological. This can be affirmed by the fact that there are more women who seek cosmetic surgery than men. Theoretical findings suggest that men have a certain level of preference for women with particular physical attributes. Particular features linked to such attributes are breasts and hips. This leads some women to try and make their breasts and hips attractive using cosmetic surgery. Competition for mates among women is what scientists posit to be the main reason for such attempts by women to improve physical attraction. Those conducting plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery must be trained medical personnel who are licensed to conduct the operations.

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