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How Move-out Checklists Can Help You Move Out

If you already planned that in the coming months you are going to leave the place and yet you want your bond money to be returned to you in full, you must be able to have a proper move-out cleaning checklist.

Once you move-in to an apartment, it is prerequisite that you pay a certain amount, called the damage security, to the proprietor because this is part of your rental fee. The bond will be the amount to be spent by the owners when there are probable repairs and cleaning the moment you decide to leave their property. But if you want the owner to give back the full amount to you, you have to ensure the owner that their property is as good as new.

Things to do after moving in:

To begin you moving in task, you need to prepare a detailed checklist of all the items you brought with you may it be fixtures like doors and windows, or any appliances and even sofa set. It is also important that you include the status of these items so that you will be able to monitor them easily. Making a detailed video of your new place will serve as evidence so that you will easily compare the look now to its look when you decide to leave your place.

Things to do before moving out:

Before you decide to leave the house for good, it is your duty to check for any busted items inside and you need to change them all. But if you decide to leave without doing any repairs, the owner of the place will be the one to do the repairing but the money you deposited that served as bond will be used by the owner in exchange of the repair services.

If you have the house’s wall carpeted, you need to remove the carpets but if you can’t do it on your own, your last option is to hire a professional cleaner to do it in your behalf. One of the easiest ways to decide on the cleaning of the carpeted walls is to compare it with the original state so that you will know what the original wall looks like. You should then bring it back to the original condition the moment you first entered the place. Inspecting the walls for any signs of stain or marks are also very important. Remember that it is a major problem if you happen to see any stain on the wall because of its visibility. Once you attempt to remove the stain wipe it mildly or you may want to buy a cleaner to easily remove the stain but not to the point that the paint will be removed because this will really cost you a lot.

The bottom line is, check everything first and leave the place the way it appeared on your first day of stay.

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