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Safe Diet Pills

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What are safe diet pills anyway? Well for the most part, safe diet
pills do not harm the user. Hiastorically diet meds have
been given a bad rap. This is because most of them were amphetamines
or derivativers of amphetamines. This class
of drugs are addicting and have multiple harmful side effects. These
meds have been around a long time and were pioneered
by the Germans as far back as the 1920s. These meds have been used in
various ways. They were used in World War 2
by fighter pilots to stay awake. In fact, both sides used these
amphetmines for multiple purposes.

Safe diet pills became important after ther were so many reported
problems with the traditional diet meds. The traditional diet meds
that were based on the amphetamine molecule were addicting and had
many risk factors. These meds caused: high blood presure,
paranoia, strokes, heart attacks, paranoid behavior, and chemical
dependcency. Obviously, these meds were not considered safe
diet pills.The other aspect of the majority of diet meds is that they
do not work. People taking amphetamine like meds for weight
loss will initially loose some weight . The problem comes after the
medication is stopped. Most people gain the weight back that
they lost and more. Besides this the pills were not safe diet pills.

There have many several meds for weight loss over the years and they
worked in various ways. Ths stimulants such as the amphetamines
decrease the apetite by inhibiting the hunger center. This is they the
majority of amphetamine and amphetamine
like diet meds work.Other diet meds caused malabsorption of fat which
resulted in loose stools and GI problems. Obviously
neither of these drug types could be considered as safe diet pills.
People who wanted to loose weoight always wanted the “easy”
way out. Take a pill and loose weight. It simply is not that
easy.Keeping the weight off is the secret.

Safe diet pills would be medication that was non addictive, had no
harmfull side effects and worked. This would be a product
that a huge majority of the public needed. Such medication could be
herbal and or traditional. These meds or herbal supplements
could work thru the diet center in the brain and or could stabilize
carbohydrate metabolism. Carbohydrate metabolism refers to
how sugar is processed in the body. These medictions or herbal
supplements would indeed be safe diet pills.With the obesity
epidemic facing this country, safe diet pills are a welcome addiction
for tretment of this serious disease.

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